Twice a day plan sync is finally here!

We’re ending the financial year with a bang – twice-a-day plan sync is now live! That means every active plan, for every participant, will now be sync’d twice a day! Here’s how it works.

Currently, plan sync occurs once daily and any changes are reflected by ~1:00pm (Sydney time).

When will the syncs happen?

  • Plan sync will occur at 10:00am (Sydney time) and 1:00pm (Sydney time)
  • Respective plan updates will be reflected by ~11:30am (Sydney time) and ~2:30pm (Sydney time).

How will this benefit you?

  • You will have more timely and efficient updates of Participant plan data and information
  • You will no longer need to request a plan sync – the participant plan will be updated at the above intervals.

Request Plan Sync – should I press the button?

  • We ask that you don’t manually request a plan sync by pressing the ‘Request Plan Sync’ button. This will cause the plan to be unnecessarily locked for a period.
  • Manually requesting a plan sync should only be done under the following scenarios and under instruction from the LanternPay Customer Support Team:
    •   Update inactive plans
    •   Service Bookings now available request – initial plan set up was not actioned due to inactive Service Bookings

What’s next?

As we continually evolve and bring you sought-after features, we’re also pleased to announce that our Plan Manager community will soon be able to use NDIA-provided APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). This will ensure a more robust, reliable and accurate delivery of service. We look forward to updating you as we develop these changes alongside the NDIA.